The Theme Poem

The Long Wait

You wonder if your waiting has been in vain,
Until you think of the power in God’s name,
For He is surely not a man that He can lie,
Or will He ever say that He can only try,
His Word cannot return unto Him void,
Or ever say that a task is just too hard,
He’s not slack with the promises He makes,
Nor is He wrong when He tells you to wait,
So refuse to get weary along the way,
And stand on every word that He will say,
That “check” in your spirit is all very well,
But soon you’ll get your “check” in the mail,
Your blessing is only delayed, not denied,
So decide to let go of your foolish pride,
Your strength will be renewed if you wait,
And believe the Lord controls your fate,
Just let patience have her perfect way,
For it’s truly the dawning of a new day,
So hold on until your change comes,
And what He’s started is finally done,
He’s proven that He can never be late,
So His “set” time will soon end your long wait.


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