What People Are Saying About Willing to Wait

Willing to Wait is an outstanding tool for measuring one’s faith while fortifying it.”

Victor McGlothin
Essence Bestselling Author of Autumn Leaves & What’s A Woman to Do?
Plano, TX


Willing to Wait is a book for everyone.  It teaches that God’s blessings are ours if we turn our hearts over to Him and walk in the path He has chosen for us.”

Reginald M. Turner, Jr., Esq.
Past President, National Bar Association
Detroit, MI


“Explosive and insightful!  Willing to Wait gives you an eye-opening analysis of what it takes to wait on God, especially for singles.  Willing to Wait is a substantive hands-on guide for achieving discipline over one’s life while waiting on God’s promises.  In Willing to Wait, DeMonica shares practical insight to prepare you for God’s best.”

Kervin J. Smith, Ph.D.
Author of Living Single: The Different Faces of Singleness
Kervin J. Smith Ministries
Edina, MN


“A book for such a time as this!  In this fast-paced, microwave society, nobody is talking about the waiting process.   No one wants to wait or knows how to wait.  This book will walk you step by step through God’s waiting process.  Singles waiting on a God-sent mate, this book is a must-read to encourage and empower you that your waiting is not vain.  Are you really willing to wait?”

Pastor Connie Stewart
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Ladies First Magazine
Cathedral of Truth
Houston, TX


“This book is an incredible revelation from God.  Willing to Wait is a timely truth that lets you know that God will use ‘time’ to birth the conviction of ‘patience’ in you, so your enemy will be unable to use the weapon of ‘impatience’ against you to sabotage your destiny.  DeMonica, great job!”

Dr. Joshua W. Stewart
Presiding Prelate, Gospel Truth Assembly, Inc.
Houston, TX


“This book is a must-read for all, especially singles who have given up on love.  What makes this book so real is that it’s written by someone who truly walks the talk and has been willing to wait with dignity, grace and faith.  God has truly blessed her life, and she encourages everyone not to settle but to wait for God’s best for their lives.”

E. Jean Johnson, Esq.
President & C.E.O., LegalWATCH
Houston, TX


“The book, Willing to Wait, gives an understanding of why God makes us wait on what He has promised instead of manifesting the promise right away.  The author does a good job of explaining what it takes to wait on God.”

Pastor Joyce James, Th.S.
Author of So Much Pain & The Real Deal
Total Man Christian Center
Houston, TX


“This is a book that is both practical and spiritual.  The author does an excellent job of exploring the tension between wanting to do God’s will in God’s time and wanting to do your own will in your own time.  DeMonica, makes this subject more than an abstract ‘what we ought to do,’ but a concrete, ‘this is how God has helped me and will help you maintain in His will.’  It is well done, and I recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like God is waiting too long to act.”

Pastor Troy J. Wilson, Esq.
Unity Adventist Worship Center
Houston, TX


“Are you waiting for a blessing or a breakthrough?  Getting impatient because you want things to work out according to your own personal time schedule?  This lucid and insightful book helps believers better understand the significance of waiting on God’s perfect timing if we truly want to receive His best in our lives.”

Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq.
Author of Conquering the Bar Exam
Houston, TX


Willing to Wait is an intriguing and stunning book that is a must-read for everyone who desires to obtain their dreams and aspirations.  Willing to Wait enriches lives by enabling people to comprehend and trust God’s timing, knowing that He will map out the best pathway for their lives.”

Shanelle Gilbert
Author of And When They Leave & The Wilderness Season
Choose Life Ministries
Humble, TX


Willing to Wait is truly a gift from heaven manifested in the genius of Sister DeMonica Gladney.  I encourage as many people as possible to read this book and put it into practice.  The wait will not be long as you listen to what God is saying through DeMonica.”

J. Goodwille Pierre, Esq.
Past President, Houston Lawyers Association
Houston, TX


“This book is a must-read for those who are single and married.  Willing to Wait touches the reader with a divinely inspired message from a divinely inspired woman.  This is a brilliant piece of work that will transform the reader’s life.  My prayer is that this precious book passes through the hands and minds of millions of readers who will be blessed by learning to wait.”

Rev. Miniard Culpepper, Esq.
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Dorchester, MA


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